Contribute brunchclub - ContributeGiven that there are always new trends and new tools available for bloggers to create wonderful sites to post their interests, I could use some contribution from readers. It’s a tried and tested way to share accurate content, by keeping in mind different issues and obstacles I might not have faced myself.

There are a number of resources that aren’t even in a language I speak and would be quite the addition to my blog, should they be translated and simplified. Keep in mind the idea is to keep the content friendly and accessible to beginners and veterans alike.

If these requirements speak to your skills and knowledge, I have an offer for you.

You could start sending your ideas and content to be posted on my blog, without too much hassle nor any professional degree required. All I ask is that you take into account what I have mentioned above and stick to the subject of blogging and all it entails.

It can be quite fun and educational, and I will be more than happy to start posting your contributions.

For people that are already into blogging this task is particularly easy and will provide a break from the usual topics you blog about. Get over that writer’s block by shaking off the topic you have chosen to make your blogging about.

We can learn from each other’s writing styles and techniques and teach other in the process.

Given that the topic of blogging is in high demand all across the Internet, my blog gets thousands of readers worldwide. You will be sharing your thoughts and experiences with all of them, in a space that will respect your ideas and post them in a proper setting.

You will be reaching a different audience and be exposed to new feedback on your inputs.

Submitting your request for contributing to my blog is very easy, as you only have to reach out to me through my means of contact on my Contact page. I constantly check for feedback and comments, so your request will be read fairly soon.