About brunchclub - AboutMy name is Kian Lewis, I am a 43-year-old supply manager and blogger. A decade ago, I was browsing the net just like everybody else and I suddenly noticed that there was an increasing number of blogs showing up on my regular searches. At the time it seemed odd but I didn’t make much of it.

As time went by, I noticed all the trends growing and how influencers were a big deal in all online communities. I realized there was something to this blogging thing and after looking at my old and beat up journal, I decided to start a blog. The only issue was that I had no real idea what to make it all about.

I embarked on finding sites that would give me tips and guidance into how to make a blog, and the idea suddenly hit me out of the frustration of finding so much information spread around. I would create a blog on how-to-blog.

However, this proved too challenging for a mere beginner and I was quickly back on square one not knowing what topic to choose.

Not long after, I found myself at a local café where I overheard several people talking about blogging and exchanging experiences and hacks on the subject. I approached them and after introducing myself, explained to them the idea I had and the issue I was facing.

They were so warm and welcoming, and the conversation was so productive, the issue was solved.

I created this blog as a place to share all that knowledge and experiences that are traded during brunch gatherings of local bloggers. I found that it was easy to write about what we discussed so casually over a nice meal and that made the content friendlier and more useful.

Nowadays I strive to keep the content updated with tips I learn from personal experience and those my blogging friends share with me over brunch. My readers will always be able to enjoy new posts with tried and tested information to improve their blogs.